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The gods take your privacy seriously. We don't have a mailing list and we don't sell any advertising. All we care about is entertainment - the saints and sinners of the stage and screen.

We do collect data on who is visiting us using Google Analytics, but we do not share this information outside of the team and if you really want to, you can opt out by clicking here and telling Google as much. We won't be offended - the gods are big on free will.

By using our contact form or any of the team's email addresses to get in touch, we assume you want to be friends, which is brilliant. If at any point you don't want to stay in touch anymore, you can ask us to delete your details and we absolutely will. We're aware many creatives share our contact details to invite us to plays and suchlike, which we don't mind, but we will never share your contact details with anyone else. The gods are benevolent like that.

Although we run a London-centric site, our servers have always been based in the US and we have no plans to change this. This does mean when you leave us a Google Analytics footprint, email us or contact us via our contact form, you are choosing to send your data to us in a way that goes outside of the EU. We trust you're OK with that by continuing to use our site and we would be sad if you stopped doing so - however, again, free will.

This policy first came into effect on 24th May 2018.

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