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Whether you normally look down from the cheap seats in the gods, or sit up close in the front row, there's so much happening on the London performing arts scene and comedy circuit, it can be difficult to decide which shows you should spend your cash on and which shows should quite frankly, pay you for turning up.

At Views from the Gods, we review all the latest London talent, from West End plays to emerging comedians. We hope our site helps introduce you to some new performers.

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After all this talk of winter coming, winter is finally here. It's bitterly cold and dark - by the time it gets to 5 o'clock, you want to be curled up indoors wrapped up in a thick blanket, cradling a cup of hot chocolate. In other words, it's the perfect time of year for an afternoon show. Enter Baa Humbug, an original piece of new writing that tells of how a grumpy sheep called Humbug (Alice Sillett) revaluates her relationships with farmyard companions Cow (Oliver Yellop) and Chicken (Jonathan James) with a little help from a wise Farmer (Mark Thompson). Aimed at those aged four upwards, Baa Humbug is a heartwarming tale that is guaranteed to leave you with a warm, fuzzy festive feeling.

In many ways, Baa Humbug feels like a Christmas gift written and directed by the Blue Elephant's own co-artistic director Jo Sadler-Lovett for the people of Southwark. At its most simple, it's a straightforward children's story with a bit of Christmassy cheer. However, when you look more closely, the writing is more complex than that. Despite only being a short 50-minute production, Sadler-Lovett skilfully weaves in some big, messy issues, challenging her young audience to empathise with some tricky and increasingly common situations, equipping them with a greater level of empathy than when they first set foot inside her theatre. This is someone who has taken the time to get to know her community and crafted something to entertain and inform with their specific experiences in mind.

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