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Whether you normally look down from the cheap seats in the gods, or sit up close in the front row, there's so much happening on the London performing arts scene and comedy circuit, it can be difficult to decide which shows you should spend your cash on and which shows should quite frankly, pay you for turning up.

At Views from the Gods, we review all the latest London talent, from West End plays to emerging comedians. We hope our site helps introduce you to some new performers.

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Although a reference to the shop where most of the action unfolds, Ironing Out feels like a rather apt name for a show that’s looking for its own wrinkles and attempting to smooth them out. (Do you see what I did there?) It’s a devised piece that is both blessed with the heady ambition and cursed with the disjointedness that typically accompany this collaborative method of making theatre. A work-in-progress, but an interesting one, for sure and with potential to become something slicker. Alleyway Radical Theatre boldly attempt to tackle racism, criticise capitalism, entertain and move and only in just over an hour. This is a company that clearly wants to change the world and that level of passion and enthusiasm always sparks something worth watching.

We follow a drummer (Basel Zaraa) as he searches for his friend Ahmed in London, armed with no other identifying details than his name. Whilst his search for his loved one feels like it should be the heart of the story, it is soon supplanted by everyday life in an ironing shop, with calm, quiet Iron Man (Jazzar) stealing focus immediately. It is Iron Man’s interactions with the drummer and indeed the rest of the community that attract our attention. The drummer brings tragedy and perhaps in a previous version he was the lead, but here, it is Iron Man who actually intrigues us more and ends up being the glue that keeps all the company's different ideas stuck together. He brings coherence to the script.

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